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That guy has to be one of the most dedicated players ever.. If you consider non steam games then I probably have played Age of Empires 2.
Lär dig spela schack. It's never too late to learn how to play chess - the most popular game in the world! Learning the rules of chess is easy: Setup the.
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That guy has to be one of the most dedicated players ever.. If you consider non steam games then I probably have played Age of Empires 2.
I think Conusoid has the most, but i think he just afks all his playtime. achievement manager. you can launch alot of games at same time.
”As the follow-up to the 2002 Role-Playing Game of the Year, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind®, and the 2006.. ”Playing Catch Up: Night Trap's Rob Fulop”.
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Hur man spelar schack: Grunder och regler -

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Lär dig spela schack It's never too late to learn how to play chess - the most popular game in the world!
How to Setup the Chessboard Vid början av partiet ställs brädet upp så att bägge spelarna har den vita eller ljusa rutan i sitt nedre högra hörn.
Schackpjäserna placeras sedan ut likadant varje gång.
Den andra raden fylls med bönder.
Tornen placeras i hörnen på den första raden, sedan ställs springarna bredvid dem, följt av löparna, och till sist kommer damen och kungen.
Damen står alltid på den ruta som matchar hennes färg vit dam på vit ruta, svart dam på svart ruta.
How the Chess Pieces Move Each of the 6 different kinds of pieces moves differently.
Pieces cannot move through other pieces though the knight can jump over other piecesand can never move onto a square with one of their own pieces.
However, they can be moved to take the place of an opponent's piece which is then captured.
Pieces are generally moved into positions where they can capture other pieces by landing on their square and then replacing themdefend their own pieces in case of capture, or control important squares in the game.
How to Move the King in Chess The king is the most important piece, but is one of the weakest.
The king can only move one square in any direction - up, down, to the sides, and diagonally.
The king may never move himself into check where he could be captured.
When the king is attacked by another piece this is called "check".
How to Move the Queen in Chess The queen is the most powerful piece.
She can move in any one straight direction - forward, backward, sideways, or diagonally - as far as possible as long as she does not move through any of her own pieces.
And, most playing games with all pieces, if the queen captures an opponent's piece most playing games move is over.
Notice how the white queen captures the black queen and then the black king is forced to move.
How to Move the Rook in Chess Tornet kan flytta så långt det vill, men bara framåt, bakåt, och i sidled.
Tornen är särskilt starka när de skyddar varandra och samarbetar!
How to Move the Bishop in Chess The bishop may move as far as it wants, but only diagonally.
Each bishop starts on one color light or dark and must always stay on that color.
Bishops work well together because they cover up each other's weaknesses.
How to Move the Knight in Chess Springare flyttar sig på ett särskilt sätt jämfört med alla andra pjäser - två rutor i en riktning, och därefter en ruta i en 90 graders vinkel, precis som formen av ett "L".
Springare är också de enda pjäser som kan flyttas över andra pjäser.
How to Move the Pawn in Chess Bönder är annorlunda eftersom de flyttar sig och slår andra pjäser på två olika sätt: De rör sig framåt, men slår diagonalt.
Bönder kan bara flyttas en ruta åt gången, med undantag av deras första drag från utgångspositionen, då de kan flyttas två rutor framåt.
Bönder kan bara slå på rutan diagonalt framför dem.
De kan inte flytta eller slå baklänges.
Om bonden blockeras av en annan pjäs framför den så kan bonden inte gå förbi eller slå den pjäsen.
Discover the Special Rules of Chess There are a few special rules in chess that may not seem logical at first.
They were created to make the game more fun and interesting.
How to Promote a Pawn in Chess Pawns have another special ability and that is that if a pawn reaches the other side of the board it can become any other chess piece called promotion.
A pawn may be promoted to any piece.
A common misconception is that pawns may only be exchanged for a piece that has been captured.
That is NOT true.
A pawn is usually promoted to a queen.
Only pawns may be promoted.
If a pawn most playing games out two squares on its first move, and by doing so lands to the side of an opponent's pawn click at this page jumping past the other pawn's ability to capture itthat other pawn has the option of capturing the first pawn as it passes by.
This special move must be done immediately after the first pawn has moved past, otherwise the option to capture it is no longer available.
Click through the example below to better understand this odd, but important rule.
How to Castle in Chess One other special chess rule is called castling.
This move allows you to do two important things all in one move: get your king to safety hopefullyand get your rook out of the corner and into the game.
On a player's turn he may move his king two squares over to one side and then move the rook from that side's corner to right next to the king on the opposite side.
See the example below.
That is called castling "kingside".
Castling to the other side, through where the queen sat, is called castling "queenside".
Regardless of which side, the king always moves only two squares when castling.
Find out Who Makes the First Move in Chess The player with the white pieces always moves first.
Therefore, players generally decide who will get to be white by chance or luck such as flipping a coin or having one player guess the color of the hidden pawn in the other player's hand.
White then makes a move, followed by black, then white again, then black and so on until the end of the game.
Being able to move first is a tiny advantage which gives the white player an opportunity to attack right away.
Review the Rules of How to Win a Game most playing games Chess There are two ways to end a game of chess: by checkmate, or with a draw.
How to Checkmate in Chess The purpose of the game is to checkmate the opponent's king.
This happens when the king is put into check and cannot get out of check.
There are only three ways a king can get out of check: move out of the way though he cannot castle!
If a king cannot escape checkmate then the game is over.
Customarily the king is not captured or removed from the board, the game is simply declared over.
How to Draw a Chess Game Ibland slutar inte ett parti med vinst eller förlust, utan med remi, dvs.
Study Basic Chess Strategies Det finns fyra enkla saker som varje schackspelare bör känna till: Protect your King Get your king to the corner of the board where he is usually safer.
Don't put off castling.
You should usually castle as quickly as possible.
Don't Give Pieces Away Don't carelessly lose your pieces!
Each piece is valuable and you can't win a game without pieces to checkmate.
There is an easy system that most players use to keep track of the relative value of each chess piece.
How much are the chess pieces worth?
Control the Center of the Chessboard Du bör försöka ta kontroll över brädets centrum med dina pjäser och bönder.
Om du har kontroll över brädets centrum kommer du att ha en större yta att flytta dina pjäser på och du gör det svårare för din motståndare att hitta bra rutor för sina.
I exemplet ovan gör vit bra drag för att ta kontroll över centrum, medan svart gör dåliga drag.
Use All of your Chess Pieces In the example above white got all of his pieces in the game!
Your pieces don't do any good when they are sitting back on the first row.
Try and develop all of your pieces so that you have more to most playing games when you attack the king.
Using one or two pieces to attack will not most playing games against any decent opponent.
Practice by Playing Lots of Games The most important thing you can do to get better at chess is to play lots of chess!
It doesn't matter if you play at home with friends or family, or play online, you have to play the game a lot to improve.
These days it's easy to find a game of chess online!
How to Play Chess Variants While most people play standard chess rules, some people like to play chess with changes to the rules.
These are called "chess variants".
Each variant has its own rules.
To learn more about.
How to Play Chess960 Chess960 följer alla regler i vanligt schack, förutom att officerspjäserna på bakre raden placeras slumpmässigt i utgångsställningen, med upp till 960 olika möjliga kombinationer.
Rockad görs på samma sätt som vanligt schack, i den meningen att kung och torn landar på deras vanliga rockadfält g1 och f1, eller c1 och d1.
How to Play with Chess Tournament Rules Many tournaments follow a set of common, similar rules.
These rules do not necessarily apply to play at home or online, but you may want to practice with them anyway.
If a player touches an opponent's piece, they must capture that piece.
Each player gets the same amount of time to use for their entire game and can decide how to spend that time.
Once a player makes a move they then touch a button or hit a lever to start the opponent's clock.
If a player runs out of time and the opponent calls the time, then the player who ran out of time loses the game unless the opponent does not have enough pieces to checkmate, in which case it is a draw.
Frequently Asked Chess Questions FAQs How do I get better at chess?
Att känna till reglerna och grundläggande strategier är bara början - det finns så mycket att lära sig i schack att det skulle ta flera livstider att kunna allt!
Play as much as possible.
You should learn from each game — those you win and those you lose.
You can find online chess lessons here.
Everyone loses — even world champions.
As long as you continue to have fun and learn from the games you lose then you can enjoy chess forever!
What is the best first move in chess?
While there is no one agreed-upon best move in chess, it's important to try to control the center right away.
This usually results in most players playing one of their central pawns in front of king or queen forward two squares with either 1.
Some other players prefer 1.
Most other moves are not as good.
Bobby Fischer believed that moving the king-pawn 1.
Which color starts in chess?
The player with the white pieces always moves first.
Can a pawn move backwards?
Pawns cannot move backwards.
However, when a pawn gets to the other side of the board you must promote it to another piece such as a queen.
Then it moves just like that piece, and can move backwards.
Can you move more than one piece at a time in chess?
You can only move one chess piece at a time when it is your turn to move - with one exception!
When you castle, you move both the king and the rook in one move.
Which is the most important chess piece?
The king is the most important chess piece.
If you lose the king, you lose the game.
But the queen is the most powerful chess piece.
When was chess invented?
Schackets ursprung är inte entydigt fastställt fast många tror att det utvecklades från tidigare schackliknande spel som fanns i Indien för nästan tvåtusen år sedan.
Schack så som det spelas idag har funnits sedan 1400-talet då det blev populärt i Europa.
What is the goal of chess?
Schack spelas mellan två motståndare som börjar på motsatta sidor av ett bräde med 64 svarta och vita rutor schackrutigt.
Varje spelare har 16 pjäser: 1 kung, 1 dam, 2 torn, 2 löpare, 2 springare och 8 bönder.
Målet med spelet att sätta motståndarens kung i schackmatt.
Schackmatt uppstår när en kung är anfallen av motståndaren står i schack och inte kan fly till närliggande rutor.
Ready to start playing chess?
Sign up for free at Chess.



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